Wedding Yard Games

I’m doing a wedding this upcoming November and my wonderful bride and groom decided they would like to have some yard games at their wedding for their cocktail hour. I started to look for the games that they wanted to have and realized they were going to cost an arm and a leg to buy already made. They are on a very tight budget and wouldn’t be able to afford most of these games. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make them. Giving my clients the wedding of their dreams is my job so sometimes I have to go that extra mile. 🙂  My husband and father were big troopers and actually made them for me since I am 6 almost months pregnant and can’t really myself. Haha..  Needless to say they came out amazing and we now have these wonderful games we can use for all my wonderful clients!!

How cute are these custom Mr. And Mrs. Cornhole bags… made by me 😆

Anyone in the OC area that would like to rent these for event please message me! 😉

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